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Lost: in space

A colleague sent me a post to a Lost theory to end all theories – the island is in a timeloop created by Ben, Richard and Jacob.  Here are the key highlights:

  • DHARMA initiative was created for the enhancement of the human race. What initially began as a simple research initiative developed into a massive project that was designed to test fate. At some point during DHARMA’S studies, someone managed to leverage the magnetic properties of the island to bend time and space – thus, a time machine was created.
  • In 2007, Ben, Richard, and Jacob find a way to hijack the time machine, and go back in time to the year 1996 to wipe out all of DHARMA on the island (The Purge)
  • Ben figures out a way to put the entire island into a “time loop.”  This time loop will keep the island suspended in time in the past (in the year 1996)
  • Ben is able to suspend time on the island by “resetting” the time machine every 108 minutes (The Swan)
  • Desmond, failing to push the button on September 22, opens the island time line briefly, allowing Oceanic Flight 815 into enter the island time/space then causing it to crash.

There is much more to this so check it out: timelooptheory.com



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