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I signed up as a beta user for a new search tool called searchme, and I’ll have to say, its pretty cool.  It takes iTunes cover flow and delivers your search results as site screen grabs rather than text.  The site is all done in flash and text ads overlay the bottom of each displayed site.   I think they need to work on how they deliver relevant websites.  I did a search for “Lost” and ABC was sixth and Lostpedia (my favorite Lost site) was 20th, but they have tools on the site that lets you refine your search by category like “tv” or “music”.    Overall, a nice visual alternative for seach.


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Where is my TechCrunch Boston


The site I visit most on the web these days (after my Google homepage that is) is TechCrunch.  I am completely infatuated by the coverage of startups from TC.  I think they have done a fantastic job in reporting on and creating interest around startups.  I wish there was something comparable surrounding the Boston startup scene.  Boston is still no. 2 in startups and venture capital (granted a distant second compared to silicon valley), why is there not better coverage about startups from the Hub?  

I am also happy to see the reduction in volume of coverage about facebook on TC.  For a while, it seemed that every post was about facebook, however ever since the whole beacon blow up, it seems coverages has diminished greatly.  I for one am glad to see that there is a world outside of facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, I think facebook is great.  I almost had a chance to work for them when it was just Zuck, Sean Parker and a handful of others.  Too bad it didn’t work out – just think about those options I would be sitting on. 

I will be attending the WebInnovatorsGroup in April, maybe that will satisfy my need for startup news here.  

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McCain Romney ’08

McCain Romney

With all the speculation about McCain choosing Mike Huckabee as vice president, McCain would best serve his candidacy, his party and the country by choosing Mitt Romney.

Why he should choose Romney

1.) Recession, Recession, Recession – McCain has repeated his inadequacy regarding the economy. If we are headed for a recession, and many economists say we are there, the country will hit the bottom of the recession cycle right about time for the November election. The country will blame Bush, Iraq, the Republicans and anyone else on this side of the isle for the decline of the economy…and ‘CHANGE’ will be the victorious mantra of the next Democrat president.

2.) Iraq – McCain wants to maintain our occupation in Iraq for the next 100 years, what he needs more than anything is a strong economy to continue to fund the surge, have a strong national defense and fight global terrorism – the “transcendental challenge of the 21st century.

3.) Romney conceded the race at the right time – Unlike Mike Huckabee who is not in this race for the good of the country, but for the good of Mike Huckabee, Romney stepped away at the right moment. Mitt Romney could have stayed in and continued to feed the anti McCain sentiment all the way to the convention, which wouldn’t have lead to Romney’s nomination, but certainly would weaken McCain in a general election.

4.) He is “the” conservative – The conservative movement embraced Mitt Romney as their guy. Talkshow hosts from Rush Limbaugh to Anne Coulter to Glenn Beck would finally get behind a McCain presidency – and although the left-wing media hates to admit it, conservative talkshow hosts do have influence among their conservatives listeners.

Why he won’t choose Romney

1.) Forgiveness is a four-letter word – as evident in the last debate, McCain despises Romney and lead the personal attracts against him. McCain has a long history of vilifying those who oppose him. Just ask Jerry Falwell and the other “agents of intolerance”.

2.) Florida – always a pivotal state in a general election, McCain will likely pick Florida Governor, Charlie Crist. Under no circumstances would Romney be able to carry the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts. This may be very tactical for McCain, but would it be good for the country?

3.) Legacy – There will be heavy skepticism that McCain wouldn’t be re-electable at age 75. With Romney on the ticket, he would likely upstage McCain’s presidency when it came time for re-election and any legacy for McCain would be overshadowed.

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Is Google going to far?

Who say a little privacy invasion is a bad thing? 

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Ode to the day when we can  move from site to site and network to network as easy as it is to add a Facebook app.  If you belong to any number of web2.0 sites you probably know what I mean.  Will Facebook and other really ever support data portability?  Much of their value is that they have users locked in to their “walled garden”.  Will they really provide freedom of my data?   Is data portability the Ronald Reagan of the web proclaiming “Mr Zuckerberg. Tear down these walls”.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

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Mitt a Perfect Fit for America’s Hand

The other headline I was going to post was “America’s Hand Gives McCain the Finger”.   I think Mitt Romney has found his core message – the economy.  It will be a long and interesting road to the republican nomination, but when it comes right down to it, a bad economy trumps all other issues.   

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Huckabee is an Idiot

fe_da_070904huckabee.jpgHucklebee (as Larry King calls him) has the dumbest tax plan that I have ever heard.  Huckabee wants to do away with the IRS and income tax and replace it with a consumption tax.  For a guy who claims to be for the middle class, his plan would be the destroy the middle class.   If you put a 30% consumption tax on everything you buy, who get hurt the worst?  — the middle class.  The middle class would still have the same consumption needs as they do today, but it is not as if the wealthly would make up for their portion of the tax burden by increasing their consumption, they would save more and put more into investments that would generate even more income and make them even more wealthy.  Then, as I would do, move to a tropical island and never have to pay taxes again.   Obviously they don’t teach economics at the Baptist Ministry 

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