WebInnovators Group – Boston


A couple of posts ago, I was complaining about not having good news outlet for new startups in Boston.  Well last night I went with one of my Y2M buddies, Matt Smith (www.matthewcsmith.com) , to the WebInnovatorsGroup meeting and it was pretty good.  There were at least 300 people there from startups, vc firms and a few media outlets.  It was good to see that Boston does have a lot of good innovation happening.  The meeting highlighted three new startups:  Good2Gether (www.good2gether.com) and CMS and content distribution platform for cause-based inititaves; Pic Me Photo Sharing (picme.raizlabs.com) a social photo sharing app for the desktop and Jack Cards (www.jackcards.com) an service that will send you greeting cards before you forget your mom’s, aunt’s, sister’s birthday. 

 Of those three, I actually thought that Jack Cards has the best chance of getting bought by someone like Hallmark or Target.  No one ever makes money off of causes (hopefully the causes will) and photo sharing is way overdone.


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  1. GRC

    Jack Cards looks like a pretty cool service. It’s a simple enough idea to make the rest of us think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    And we’ll think that again when Hallmark or Target does buy them.

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