Where is my TechCrunch Boston


The site I visit most on the web these days (after my Google homepage that is) is TechCrunch.  I am completely infatuated by the coverage of startups from TC.  I think they have done a fantastic job in reporting on and creating interest around startups.  I wish there was something comparable surrounding the Boston startup scene.  Boston is still no. 2 in startups and venture capital (granted a distant second compared to silicon valley), why is there not better coverage about startups from the Hub?  

I am also happy to see the reduction in volume of coverage about facebook on TC.  For a while, it seemed that every post was about facebook, however ever since the whole beacon blow up, it seems coverages has diminished greatly.  I for one am glad to see that there is a world outside of facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, I think facebook is great.  I almost had a chance to work for them when it was just Zuck, Sean Parker and a handful of others.  Too bad it didn’t work out – just think about those options I would be sitting on. 

I will be attending the WebInnovatorsGroup in April, maybe that will satisfy my need for startup news here.  


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